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Trace Elements
Trace elements group of products contain all kinds of chelates EDDHA - EDTA - DTPA in addition to non chelated elements.
NPK Fertilizers
Tailor made formulas are present in our portfolio. Our NPK range is available in liquid and powder form.
Advanced Fertilizers
Special fertilizers are a major part in our product range. This category includes bio stimulants, humid acids as well as valium based and potassium based products.
Straight Fertilizers
Calcium Nitrate - Calcium Chloride - Magnesium Sulphate - MAP - MKP - Urea Phosphate - SOP - Potassium Nitrate - Ammonium Sulphate.
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Menafert International is a market leader in agricultural and horticultural fertilizers produced in the Netherlands. Menafert offers its customers the broadest line of mineral fertilizers along with extensive advisory services given by its team of experienced agronomists, crop specialists, producers and distributors.

Our specialized Knowledge of the market represents decades of experience in mineral fertilizers technology and with our over 30 years tradition of providing top quality, consistency and timely delivery, we aim to serve our customers better than anyone else.


Our products are manufactured in the Netherlands and distributed in countries all over the world including the Middle East and North Africa area.


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